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Friday, October 31, 2008

Beauty AND Brains

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome Home, Gracia and Daddy

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Our journey to bring Gracia home was an amazing, eye-opening, faith-building experience. An experience that we wouldn’t give up to bring home this precious child. Not a day went by that we weren’t reminded of God’s awesome power to do the seemingly impossible.

We couldn’t have walked thru the fire without our faith and our awesome friends and church family who prayed for us and stood beside us. We were also blessed to be joined with our other new Michigan family members who were on the same journey. The Lord surrounded us on two continents.

Thank you for coming with us on this unforgettable journey. Thank you for standing in the gap and praying us thru!

Welcome home, Gracia Joanne!

*Special thanks to our photographer, Jennica! You’re a most awesome friend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

What’s In A Name

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I can’t share anything about where we are in process. But I can ask that you pray for our family. There have been some challenges along the way. We are and will continue to fight for this child. We believe that no matter what challenges come our way, this is the Lord’s plan and He is doing some very special work in us right now. Choose to use is our new family motto. Difficulties abound but we are choosing (some days this is hard to do) to see the Lord’s hand in them and use them for the good. And let me assure you, we see and feel Him is all of this.

After changing Baby Mary’s name several times and praying to find the perfect name, we’ve finally decided. She was named before went to Africa but some things changed while we were there–and so did her name. I’m happy to announce that her name is and will be Gracia (gray sha) Joanne Schoff. Gracia means grace (Spanish). We think its just a pretty, unique name that is perfect for this precious girl and the circumstances that surround her joining our family.

Gracia is a beautiful, laid back, and happy girl. She likes attention and loves to eat. She’s a tiny girl of only 12 pounds at seven months. Apparently, she’s been packing on the pounds tho.

My arms have been missing her for three weeks now and I can’t wait to hold her again very soon!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dancing Pigs

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Our little darling is now the proud owner of this delightful headband.

I found this etsy shop on one of the blogs that I read and couldn’t resist. Nettie’s creations are adorable and unique. In my brief conversations with Nettie, we discovered that we have some things in common. To my surprise, she is also sending this in headband form for our African queen. I can’t wait to put these on her! THANK YOU, Nettie!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The New Nursery

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Mary’s room is where I have everything that we are packing. Three suitcases, a duffle bag, snacks, and clothes are covering her floor. Soon we will have it all put together without suitcases and piles. Here is her room. Look thru the piles and you’ll see her paint color and crib. I’ll post good pictures when I’m home and get all of this together. When we leave, the room will almost be empty and ready for me to set everything up.

Packing Piles

Mary’s Suitcase

Mary’s Friends

Mary’s Crib

Friday, August 29, 2008

Its Time, Baby Girl

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We have our court date! We will soon get on a plane to start the journey of bringing home our baby girl.

Now, unfortunately, we must stop posting details on this blog. We will return when Mary comes home with details of our trip, pictures, and a name.

When we come back to this space, we will be a family of four.

Thank you, Cleo!

Thank you, Cleo!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Times

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Today we found out that we might be traveling in the next three weeks or so. So we are running around trying to get everything ready. Jonah will be staying home as we go off to build our family. I will be packing us and Jonah. That’s what I’m working on today–packing. Next week, its canning peaches and cleaning the house.

Its starting to hit us now. Its really happening! We’ll soon be a family of four–for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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We are in a holding pattern. Our paperwork is in the hands of the attorney in Uganda. He has to file with the court and request our court date. We don’t know if that has already happened or when it will. We could have a court date in a week or four weeks.

Mary’s room is almost finished. It is painted and the furniture is placed. Her crib is made and ready for her. I just need to organize her changing table and have Matt move the rocking chair in there. I can’t do anything else in there until tomorrow. We have visitors in there right now. They leave that room tomorrow morning. Then I will start organizing.

Tomorrow the room will also turn into packing central. I am working on packing our suitcases. I’m not nearly as prepared or organized as I was with the trip for Jonah. I’m a little preoccupied this time.

Everything is moving along quite nicely. We’re almost ready to bring precious home. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when the visitors have moved out.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


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Our dossier for Uganda is on its way! As soon as it is in David McKenzie’s (Orphan Children Fund) hands on Monday, it will go directly to the lawyer so he can prepare the necessary documents. He will then apply for our court date. So hopefully within the next two weeks, we will know when we’ll be on our way for Mary.

When we find out about our court date, we will be closing this blog until we get back. The lawyer handling Mary’s case is requiring all families to stay off of the internet with any information until we are back home. This is not uncommon. We did the same thing for the safety of Jonah’s adoption. Most agencies ask that you don’t post pictures and info until the adoption is complete.

I am finally working on the new nursery. I’ve been feeling very tired the past few weeks but I really want to get this done. It will be almost ready for Mary this weekend. We will be moving furniture around and putting things in their place.

Its really starting to hit me that we will soon be bringing home Baby Mary. Today I found a pack of little pink and white socks in her closet. Its really happening!

Mary is still being described as a happy baby. She is very tiny but healthy. And she laughs all of the time. She will be great company for her happy little brother who is going to take great care of her.

Friday, July 25, 2008


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We’ve been sitting still waiting for paperwork for Mary. They can’t apply for our court date until we send this paperwork back. Today it finally came!! Now we are waiting to hear what needs to go back with it. They will be applying for our court date on August 5th. So we will know shortly when we are going to Africa.

Its been a busy, emotional, amazing week!

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